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Commercial Mortgage Search Engine Marketing Made Easy

Are you advertising on search engines like Google? If so, are you completely satisfied with your results in 2019? If not, what’s holding you back from launching your first pay-per-click campaign?

Get this: the average person conducts around 1,200 Google searches per month. In this brand-new webinar from Silver Hill Funding, LLC, we’ll help you create a winning Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy that connects you with those who are searching for your solutions online!
In this brand-new webinar from Silver Hill Funding, LLC, our experts will show you LinkedIn profile tweaks and communication tactics that will help you generate new business in 2019.

Closed Loan in Georgia

A business owner in Georgia wanted to purchase a commercial condo property.  Their broker’s challenge was finding a loan solution that did not require tax return documentation. 

Closed Loan in Ohio

A group of investors who were experienced with 1-4-unit properties were looking to make their first multifamily purchase. Their status as out-of-state investors made it difficult to work with traditional lenders.

Closed Loan in Pennsylvania

An investor of single family properties needed a cash-out solution that would not require tax return documentation. Thanks to Silver Hill Funding’s Lite Doc Investor Program, the borrower secured a 30-year fixed rate loan in under 30 days.

Closed Loan in California

An investor in California was looking for a reduced documentation solution for their cash-out refinance request. Silver Hill Funding made it possible for the investor to tap into their property’s equity without ever providing tax returns.

Closed Loan in New Jersey

The owner of an automotive property wanted to execute a cash-out refinance but tax return issues were preventing him from qualifying for bank financing. While traditional lenders often refuse to lend on automotive properties, Silver Hill Funding was able to qualify the borrower through the Bank Statement Program.

Closed Loan in Connecticut

A real estate investor wanted to purchase a single family property in Connecticut. Thanks to Silver Hill Funding’s Lite Doc Investor Program, they were able to qualify for financing without ever producing tax return documentation.

Closed Loan in Florida

An investor in Florida wanted to purchase a single family property but was having difficulty with lenders because the property was vacant.

3 Top Differences Between Commercial and Residential Lending

We’ve noticed an interesting trend in 2019. This year, half of our commercial lending webinar attendees have described themselves as being residential mortgage pros! If you’re considering commercial mortgage lending as a diversification tactic, take a minute to review some of the main differences between residential and commercial loans.

4 SBA Loan Alternatives You Should Know About

It’s no secret that SBA loans can serve as an incredibly attractive financing option for small businesses that are trying to grow. While these types of loans can carry lower interest rates and offer longer terms for repayment than most other business loans, it’s important to remember that not everyone is eligible for this type of financing.

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