3 Simple Steps to Increasing Engagement on Twitter


Twitter is designed for conversation – between friends, colleagues, and even organizations. So why then are so many of them struggling to engage with others and grow their presence on the platform?

The problem is that many users in the mortgage industry see Twitter as a place to post their promotions, press releases, and general product updates. These practices stifle opportunities for real conversation and turn Twitter into nothing more than an extension of a corporate website.

If you use Twitter to increase awareness and generate potential commercial mortgage leads, you’ve no doubt seen its potential to spread your messaging to your target audiences. But if you’re experiencing difficulty consistently engaging with others, try using the following 3 tactics to focus less on promotion and more on conversation.

1. Make your audience the hero

Twitter is a great place to share your program updates and other content you or your organization produces. But a little of this practice goes a long way. Your target audience doesn’t use Twitter to access your blog posts and press releases – in fact, only promoting your own content makes your page look like one big advertisement.

Instead, think about posting content that invites others to communicate with you. Share industry articles on rates adjustments, ask followers for their opinions on new trends, and retweet your colleague’s posts.

Think of it this way – for every post that promotes your business, try to share 3 helpful links that don’t directly benefit you. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Share a recent update from the Mortgage Bankers Association and describe its impact to your followers.
  • Post a link to a recently closed loan and explain the lending experience from the borrower’s perspective.
  • Spend time on your referral sources’ page and retweet the posts that seem most helpful for your own audience.

When you focus on making others the subject – or hero – of your tweets, you make it easier for your audience to engage with you and your brand.

2. Use video when replying to tweets

When followers retweet you or share content on your Twitter feed, do you go out of your way to reply to them or offer your thanks? If you do nothing out of the ordinary, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to leave a lasting impression on potential repeat customers.

One way to stand out is to use video to respond to tweets. It’s a very personal way to build engagement with your followers and foster loyalty for your personal brand. Simply record your video instead of inserting text or images into a reply – the result will be a message that truly stands out for your potential customer or referral source. Not sure how to create videos on Twitter? You can visit their Help Center to learn more.

This technique can be especially effective for mortgage professionals. If your Twitter account sees a relatively low amount of engagement each week, you could use video as your primary method of communication. Wouldn’t that go a long way toward establishing you as an originator who truly cares about customer relationships?

The tactic is also an effective ice-breaker when communicating with a potential business partner. Communicating through video humanizes and separates you from the impersonal tweets professionals see every day. When you eventually meet the business partner in person, you can hit the ground running because you will have already established a meaningful connection through social media.

3. Include Twitter in your tradeshow/conference strategy

If you regularly spend time at mortgage industry tradeshows – either as an attendee or exhibitor – you’ve likely developed a mental list of what you need to bring: printed collateral, business cards, branded pens, etc. For your next event, try adding Twitter to the mix as well.

Many of the larger conferences and tradeshows provide a unique hashtag to create a conversation surrounding the event on Twitter. If you disregard these initiatives, you’re missing out on establishing meaningful connections with the potential business partners you don’t get a chance to meet in person. (If you need a refresher course on hashtags, visit Twitter’s Help Center.)

Here are a few ways you can use hashtags at a mortgage industry conference or tradeshow:

  • Exhibiting at the event? You can inspire more professionals to visit you by sharing your booth number and a photo of your free giveaways.
  • If the conference includes a keynote speech, use the hashtag to share some of your key takeaways and invite others to share their opinions.
  • Include the hashtag in photos you take with old colleagues or new friends – those in charge of running the event encourage this type of engagement and it works as free advertising for you.

Using a hashtag at your next event also improves your credibility online by showing your followers that you’re closely engaged with important happenings in the industry.  Anyone who scans your feed will be more likely to see you as a thought leader.

If you’ve ever left a conference feeling as though you didn’t get a chance to meet as many potential business partners as you’d like, connecting to other attendees through Twitter could be a worthwhile marketing strategy for your business.

Twitter may never be as important to mortgage professionals as LinkedIn, but the social platform can certainly act as an important facet of your marketing strategy – especially if you’re looking to raise awareness with an easily-identifiable target audience.  The key is to limit the amount of outright advertising you post on Twitter and instead work to create a conversation that leads to increased engagement.

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