5 LinkedIn Profile Hacks to Boost Your Networking Power Right Now


If you’re actively marketing your mortgage origination business online, chances are you have a LinkedIn account. But are you maximizing your profile’s potential?

A recent report from LinkedIn revealed that they have 467 million users, meaning your target audience is likely using the service as well. The challenge lies in getting them to see YOUR page instead of your competitors’.

If you aren’t constantly tinkering with your LinkedIn profile, you’re limiting its effectiveness and hurting your chances of making the kind of connections that propel your business forward. The good news? You probably don’t need to suffer through a complete overhaul. There are 5 easy updates you can make now to optimize your LinkedIn profile and stand out from the crowd.

  1. Complete your Summary section

LinkedIn reports that users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through their service. Still, many professionals neglect to fill out the Summary section when setting up their account. To give potential business partners a positive first impression, you’ll need to take some time to craft a message that captivates and educates. You’re given 2,000 characters for the Summary section – make them count by incorporating personality, relevant keywords, and a succinct description of how you meet your clients’ needs.

  1. Update your photo

If your profile doesn’t include a photo of yourself, stop what you’re doing now and upload one immediately. According to LinkedIn, adding a photo to your profile will net you 21X more views.

The more common issue is likely that your photo is outdated and/or lacking in quality. We can’t all afford Hollywood-style glamour shots – but securing a professional headshot could be a worthwhile investment. LinkedIn statistics reveal that profiles with professional headshots receive 14X more views.

It may seem like a trivial issue, but the fact is that potential clients and referral partners will see your photo before they ever meet the real you. Anything you can do to exude trust and professionalism through your photo can only improve this first impression.

  1. Beef up your Projects section

The Projects section is a relatively recent addition to LinkedIn profiles. The point of this section is to give viewers more insight into your abilities by displaying various initiatives you led or projects you completed.

The section is especially helpful for mortgage originators who regularly close loans. If you have a closed loan page on your company’s website, you can insert that link into a project listing and use the space provided to explain how you were able to help a client when no one else could. If a connection of yours on LinkedIn contributed to the deal, you can tag them in the project as well.

New to LinkedIn Projects? Use this resource to get started –

  1. Highlight group involvement

Participating in LinkedIn groups is a great way to not only broadcast your expertise in the mortgage industry, but also to learn from others and meet potential clients and business partners. If you’re regularly joining and participating in commercial mortgage groups, why not take the next step and promote the activity on your profile?

Check your Groups section to make sure the groups you’ve joined are visible to the public. That way, potential business partners who visit your page can see that you’re tapped into the mortgage community and a professional who is clearly passionate about the industry.

  1. Add skills and endorsements

According to LinkedIn, users who list skills on their profile net 13X more views. A recent count put the number of available skills at 45,000, so you certainly have options when it comes to describing your expertise.

Of course, anyone can add skills to their page. That’s why it’s important to supplement your listed skills with corresponding endorsements from others. Endorsements are displayed as a number located next to the skill – the higher the number, the more credibility you’ve earned.

You can always ask for an endorsement, but it may be a better idea to regularly endorse others for their skills – more often than not, they’ll be happy to return the favor.

It is important to remember, however, that potential clients and business partners are not necessarily interested in a list of skills. They want to know how you can help them be successful.  Are you able to secure financing even when a client lacks full documentation? Do you specialize in closing deals that involve some of the more complex commercial property types? You may be the “hero” of your LinkedIn profile, but be sure to give your target audience a starring role as well. Before you add content relating to your skills and abilities, consider how the information will make life easier for others.

None of these tactics will take significant time away from your business, but all of them will put you in a better position to successfully promote yourself as a solution provider on LinkedIn. Take a moment to conduct a quick audit of your profile, then use this list to turn any weaknesses into brand new strengths!

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