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3 Steps for a Smooth Transaction Process

It’s no secret – the commercial mortgage transaction process is complex and basically the bane of existence for every commercial broker in the industry. But despite having a bad reputation (too long and too complicated at times), the transaction process is actually quite simple. Or at least it can be.

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SHF Q&A: Top 5 Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage Questions Answered

Good news: the small-balance commercial mortgage industry is finally returning to normal. Better news: because of this encouraging trend, brokers now have more opportunities to grow their commercial business. But like millennials and avocado toast, whose fates are inevitably entwined, the trick is knowing which lender to partner with to really boost your business. Some scenarios are fit for traditional banks.

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Silver Hill Success Stories

How to Close Loans with Silver Hill

Alternative mortgage solutions? Check. Flexible guidelines? Double check. More streamlined transaction processes? Guaranteed when you partner with Silver Hill Funding, LLC. Fact is, there’s never been a better time to close small-balance commercial loans with us. The key is knowing which mortgage scenarios fit our box, what non-bank programs are available, and how to get…

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The Silver Hill Low Rate Program: What You Need to Know

The Silver Hill Low Rate Program is our solution for your most credit-worthy commercial real estate investors and business owners. This program makes it possible for you to offer a non-bank solution with rates starting at 6%!

If you have struggled in the past to find alternative solutions for borrowers who fall just outside bank guidelines, this program could help you capture more business generate more revenue each month.

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How to Help Your Client Create a Bridge Loan Exit Strategy

Educating prospective borrowers is an integral facet of any commercial mortgage broker’s job. Business owners and investors rely on brokers to provide expertise and identify the challenges and opportunities they may encounter while securing a loan.

But brokers who take on commercial bridge transactions bear additional responsibility when it comes to client education. This is because bridge loans involve several wrinkles that are not typically found in a typical commercial mortgage transaction.

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Commercial Mortgage Rundown: Bridge Loan Opportunities

Originators who close small-balance commercial mortgage deals understand the value of diversifying one’s product offerings. Those looking for another wrinkle to add to their business should consider taking on the bridge loan opportunities they see in their territory today. New to commercial bridge lending? Take a quick look at the borrower motivations that drive commercial…

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Find Value and Success in Small-Balance Commercial Lending

The great Albert Einstein once said, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” While Einstein in his brilliance may be right that value can be greater than success, many have found success by having more value to offer than competitors.

With the current level of uncertainty regarding interest rates and the housing market in general, it’s best that mortgage originators begin to look for other strategies to ensure success for the rest of the year.

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Small-Balance Q&A: The Silver Hill Lite Doc Program

Commercial borrowers have specific needs that must be correctly identified and matched to the right mortgage program. Some of these needs are easier to address than others.

Many borrowers, including different types of self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs, struggle to provide tax returns that accurately reflect their income. Unfortunately, most traditional lenders require this information. If you have a client facing this type of situation, you’ll need to find a different solution to secure the funding they need.
To prove my point, read the two stories below from borrowers with very different needs. Believe it or not, the same program could help each borrower get the funding they need.

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7 Top Small-Balance Commercial Marketing Channels

Have you ever heard a marketing expert talk about the importance of “getting your name out there?” In the commercial mortgage industry, effectively broadcasting your ability to close commercial loans can only be accomplished through the adoption of a multi-pronged marketing strategy.

Focusing your efforts on the following 7 channels can help you increase small-balance commercial production by connecting you with potential clients and new referral sources.

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How to Rock Your Business with Social Media – Part 2

We all know first impressions are important in the business world. It’s why we dress up for job interviews and rehearse our presentations before meeting with a new group of potential clients.

The problem is that these days most first impressions occur long before you meet face-to-face. Referral sources and prospective clients in today’s market search your online presence to see if they should make the effort to meet with you. If your profiles are incomplete, uninteresting, or out-of-date, you could lose their business.

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