Commercial Mortgage Mailbag : Why a Clear Value Proposition Matters

Have a question about the small-balance commercial mortgage industry? Interested in sourcing more leads or diversifying your product offering?

Our mortgage experts enjoy helping loan originators whenever they reach out. But some questions pop up so frequently that it makes sense to share our responses with the entire broker community – that’s why we’re publishing the 4th edition of our Commercial Mortgage Mailbag.

Read on to see if we have an answer for your biggest question.

        1. Is it a good idea to post closed loans on LinkedIn?

Yes! But take a moment to think about why you’re posting closed loans and how you can structure your post to make the biggest impact.

Closed loan notifications are very common in this industry – lenders, originators, and other types of mortgage professionals see the value in sharing success stories and broadcasting their ability to complete transactions.

But you have the opportunity to do so much more with your closed loan notifications.

The key is to think about the value of your post from your target audience’s perspective. Do you market to other brokers or referral partners? What are the data points they need to know before they can send you more business opportunities?

While property photos and loan amounts are important to share, try taking a deeper dive into your closings and giving your readers the full story – your borrower’s original motivation for securing financing, the challenges they faced, and the solution you were able to provide.

When you tell a story, you make it possible for your audience to identify with you. They can insert themselves in the scenario and get a much clearer sense of whether or not their scenarios fit your business model.

There are plenty of mortgage professionals who make their closed loan posts all about them. When you give main billing to your clients for your LinkedIn posts, you create more opportunities for meaningful engagement.

      2. What are the best commercial mortgage lead sources?

The best lead source will be the one that consistently provides you with opportunities that fit your guidelines.

But that’s a cop-out answer.

While the ideal commercial loan lead source will be different for every originator, most will find value with some combination of the following:

  1. Broker colleagues
  2. Social media contacts
  3. Conferences/tradeshows
  4. Residential clients with commercial needs
  5. Title company partners
  6. Bank loan officers
  7. Attorneys/accountants
  8. Pay-per-click advertising
  9. Traditional advertising in industry publications

If you haven’t received viable commercial mortgage opportunities from any of those channels, perhaps it’s time to focus less on lead sourcing and more on the communication of your value proposition.

In other words, the issue may have to do with the way you share your strengths and the types of deals you can and can’t do.

Try running a quick marketing “audit.”  Check your website, social media profiles, and printed collateral to make sure you’re clearly defining the programs you offer and borrower types you know best.

Don’t shy away from listing ineligible property types or the types of deals you won’t touch – this kind of information helps referral sources send you better opportunities.

A final point: instead of just listing your guideline information in bullet points, consider providing an illustration for your lead sources through a closed loan case study.  Show, don’t tell!

    3. How do loans get approved at Silver Hill Funding, LLC?

An originator recently asked us this question during a Silver Session. Instead of describing the process like our mortgage expert did at the event, we have the ability here to share our transaction process infographic.

If you haven’t closed a loan with Silver Hill before, this graphic can help you understand what happens at each stage and what kind of assistance you can expect from our team throughout the process.

If you have a question you’d like us to answer in our next mailbag, please reach out to us today!