Commercial Mortgage Marketing: Objectives for a Winning Content Strategy

A commercial mortgage broker reached out to us this past month with a question that surprised me.

She asked us why our marketing presentations always stress the importance of publishing your own content, but never explain (i) how to write quality content, and (ii) how to ensure your content creates engagement with a target audience.

Guilty as charged! The truth is, simply stating the value of content won’t help as you stare at a blank Word document.

No, you need to have a rock-solid content strategy in place before you can expect to generate additional leads and website traffic.

In our new series, we’ll help you create a winning commercial mortgage content marketing strategy from the ground up – you’ll learn how to find topics, write content your audience wants to read, and optimize your written materials so they rank highly on search engines like Google.

But before we go any further, we should start with content marketing’s “why.”


What can you accomplish with content marketing?

If you don’t set clear objectives for your content marketing initiative, you’ll find yourself posting blog after blog with no real purpose or hope for success.

Before you ever write your first article or send your first tweet, create a clear image of what success will look like for your business.

Here are a few standard objectives that make sense for most content marketing campaigns.

  1. Generate new leads

Put your content to work for your business.  By creating remarkable content that enriches the lives of those within your target audience, you will gain fans who want to do business with you.

To get leads from your content, you will likely need to create gates on your website. Gates are lead forms your audience needs to fill out before they get access to a special piece of content – typically a whitepaper or presentation of some kind.

In this series, we will discuss ways you can repurpose content you’ve already created into new pieces for which your audience will gladly trade their contact information.

You can also generate new leads by posting content on social networks like LinkedIn. The idea here is to share valuable content that inspires your audience to reach out to you and connect.

  1. Improve your page rank in search engines

Content also helps you get noticed on the internet’s biggest search engines.  By following modern SEO (search engine optimization) strategies, you can help Google recognize your site as a winner and rank you higher on a results page.

Why does this matter?  Think about it – when is the last time you visited the 2nd results page during a Google search?  Studies have repeatedly shown that only the top search results get clicks, so you’ll need to optimize the content on your site if you want to compete in a crowded market.

No one knows exactly how search engines like Google rank websites.  But the generally accepted belief is that they use a combination of the following metrics when deciding which sites should be featured:

  1. Relevance – Does the content on your site match what the user is searching for?
  2. Backlinks – Do other websites link to the content on your site?
  3. Quality – Does your site get a ton of clicks? Do users stay on a given page for a long period of time?

These metrics all have one thing in common: a focus on content!  Without a strong content marketing strategy, it will be nearly impossible for you to see your website ranking climb in 2019.

Good news: we’ll give you helpful tips you can use to get on the right track.  From identifying a set of impactful keywords to customizing content to include relevant image tags and attention-grabbing headlines, you’ll have the knowledge you need to optimize your content and get more clicks.

  1. Build Authority in Your Niche

Publishing quality content that inspires and persuades isn’t as difficult as you might think.  But no one else needs to know that!

If you produce content that answers the important questions your potential customers have, they will come to see you as an authority figure in that area.  When it’s time for them to make a purchase decision, they will look to you for a solution first.

In this series, we will cover several tactics you can take to build authority through content.  We’ll also give you actionable advice you can use to improve your social media profiles and your website’s “About” page.  After all, once your audience consumes your quality content, they will want to learn more about you and reach out to start building a relationship.


Bringing It All Together

Keep these 3 objectives in mind and you’ll never lose sight of the goal as you begin to create winning content.

But having objectives in place is only the beginning.  Keep an eye out for new posts in this series – in future posts we’ll show you how to create a commercial mortgage-focused content marketing strategy that produces real results for your business.