How to Effectively Promote Yourself as a Mortgage Originator to Prospective Clients

Want to get ahead in this highly competitive small-balance commercial mortgage industry?  You’ll need to properly market yourself in order to land new clients, nurture prospects, and enhance your standing within the professional community.

Why?  As the saying goes, people tend to work with those they know and like.

Here are 3 commercial mortgage marketing strategies to win over prospective clients and expand your influence within your market — all while establishing yourself as an expert mortgage originator.

    1. Educate Clients on the Benefits of Working with a Broker

In order to assert yourself as an indispensable asset to prospective clients, you first have to educate them on the benefits of having a broker on their team.

Not all clients will be commercial mortgage experts, so they may not understand the full scale and scope of the business.

As a commercial broker, you possess an in-depth understanding of the real estate market, current trends, lender characteristics, and far more. Prospective clients should see you as an expert that can help them secure the financing they need.

There are a few ways to educate prospective clients without simply handing them a copy of your resume.

One tactic could be to post closed loan case studies on LinkedIn.  By showing real-life examples of the results you generate, others can feel more  confident about your ability to help them.

It may also be a smart idea to change the way you list products and services on your website. Do you use bullet points to list your available services on a general landing page? Consider adding some storytelling to the equation.

The key is to use real case studies to highlight the specific challenges borrowers face and the solutions that only a professional like you can provide.

This will help potential clients see your value as it relates to their own scenario.

    2. Post Thought-Leadership Content on Social Media Platforms

By sharing insightful content on the industry’s most popular social platforms, you can attract a whole web of prospective clients.

Sharing key knowledge, market updates, and other leadership-based content will help to establish you as a well-known source for information, consultation, and commercial mortgage strategies.

Before you start thinking about the type of content you’d like to publish, take some time to determine which social media tool you should use.  Instead of posting everywhere and hoping for the best, focus your time and energy on maximizing the value you can create on the platform that best suits your business.  For most in the mortgage industry, that would be LinkedIn.

Once you’ve selected your platform of choice, develop a brief content strategy that will keep you on the right track once you start posting. Consider your audience – what they’re interested in, why they use the social network, and what is most likely to cause them to interact with you.

Prioritizing your audience’s wants and needs will help you produce content that ultimately generates more leads.  Self-promotion isn’t likely to move the needle – go above and beyond to teach and inspire your audience.  If they find value in your content, they’ll come back for more.

For more on content marketing strategies for mortgage marketers, see this recent post.

    3. Expand Your Reach with a Mailing List

Another powerful way to connect with clients and promote your professional services is to start mailing list. By sending regularly scheduled emails, you’ll be creating a community of active followers who value your insights and expertise.

(Before you create your strategy, be sure to study the rules and regulations detailed in the Federal CAN-SPAM Act, especially as they relate to opt-ins and spam.)

These emails can contain updates on your practice, breaking CRE news, upcoming event information, and anything else that you’d like to share with interested clients.

Over time, these emails act as a nurture tactic that helps prospective clients and referral partners understand you and your value proposition.  Your regular communications will help inspire them to take the next step with you and your business.

Getting Started

These tips will help you to create more business opportunities and establish yourself as an in-demand mortgage expert.

If you’d like more marketing assistance, be sure to create your free web account so you can access our library of unbranded collateral and other marketing resources.