New from SHF: 30-Year Fixed Rate Term for Commercial Loans

Any experienced commercial loan originator knows that lender’s typically offer terms of 5 or 7 years for commercial loans.  In these cases, the amortization period for the loan is longer than the loan’s actual term – and at the end of the initial term, the borrower would is faced with a balloon payment made up of the balance left on the loan.

While short-term loans allow for greater flexibility for small business owners and investors, they can create challenges as well.

Hybrid or variable rate loans can leave borrowers feeling helpless during times of market fluctuation. And a looming balloon payment can levy unnecessary stress upon borrowers who should be focused on running their business or managing their investment portfolio.

Borrowers who experience these concerns would feel more comfortable with something similar to the 30-year fixed rate term available for residential mortgages.  The problem is that commercial lenders don’t offer such a product.

Until now, that is.

Silver Hill Funding, LLC now offers a 30-year fixed rate option for commercial loans between $250k and $2 million!

This new solution gives you the opportunity to expand your product offering and reach a broader range of clients.

Here a few examples of borrowers who could be a great fit for a 30-year fixed rate commercial loan:

  1. Borrowers who want to lock in the stability of a long-term rate on their investment
  2. Borrowers who want to maximize cash flow during their loan’s term
  3. Borrowers who generally want to reduce worry from market fluctuation.

You may also find that Silver Hill’s 30-year fixed rate option is the ideal solution for those who want to purchase or refinance 1-4-unit rental properties like duplexes. These properties are essentially residential in nature – they are a natural fit for a 30-year loan term.

Could this solution work for your clients?

Here are some of the basic options available for this product:

  • Loans from $250,000 to $2 million
  • Rates starting at 6.500% for 30-yr fixed term
  • LTVs up to 80%
  • Minimum FICO: 650
  • Reduced doc options available

Remember:competing commercial lenders are NOT offering this solution for your clients, so be sure to connect with your Silver Hill Regional Manager if you want to make 30-year fixed rate terms available to your business owner and investor clients.

Are you ready to take the next step with Silver Hill?

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