The Silver Hill Owner-Occupied Bank Statement Program


An alternative solution for small-business owners

The Problem

Does this situation sound familiar?

Jeff owns a self-storage business and is looking to refinance the mortgage on his property. Even though he now runs a successful business, a prior bankruptcy 5 years ago and a few months of lower revenue have limited his options for refinancing. Now Jeff is worried that one event from his past will keep him from ever getting the loan he needs for his business.

Many small-business owners today face the same situation as Jeff. All too often, these credit-worthy borrowers are unable to get the funding they need due to prior credit history or their inability to meet required financial covenants.

The New Solution

If you have clients in Jeff’s situation, you now have an opportunity to help. With Silver Hill’s Owner-Occupied Bank Statement Program, credit-worthy business owners can get the loans they need — no tax returns or 4506T required!

Thanks to this innovative program, Jeff’s loan request can be evaluated using his business revenue history as well as his credit history.

How Does It Work?

To determine whether a borrower is able to repay a loan, our expert underwriters review 12 consecutive months of bank statements for the business’ operations to determine gross revenue. We then apply an industry standard expense factor to determine the net cash flow available to cover the business, personal, and subject property debt obligations and debt service coverage.

Take a look at the terms and options below to learn more about the Silver Hill Owner-Occupied Bank Statement Program:

1-4-Unit Investor
Loan Sizes$100K - $2MM$100k - $2MM
Terms5-Year ARM
30-Year Fixed
5-Year ARM
30-Year Fixed
Max LTV<$500K: 75%
>$500K: 70%
<$500K: 75%
>$500K: 70%
Min FICO650650
Min DSCROwner-Occupied: 1.2*
Investor: 1.15**
Stabilization75% occupancy required over a 90-day trailing UW period**SFR/Duplexes - 100%
Triplexes - 66.67%
4-Plexes - 75%
UW MethodOwner-Occupied: Global DSCR
Investor: Property DSCR
Property DSCR
Documentation2 years personal and business tax returnsNo tax returns required. Leases if using actual rents
Eligible PropertiesTier I: Multifamily, Mixed-Use (primary res)
Tier II: Retail, Mixed-Use (primary comm),
Warehouse/Self-Storage, Office, Light
Industrial, Automotive, Mobile Home Park
1-4-Unit Attached/Detached, PUD,
Single Family, Townhome
Pre-Payment Penalty5% for 5 years | 5% for 3 years |
Declining 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%
5% for 5 years | Declining 3%, 2%, 1% |
Declining 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%

See Our Program in Action

The following case study is a great example of how a borrower can take advantage of the Silver Hill Owner-Occupied Bank Statement Program:

Loan Amount: $420,000

Property Type: Mixed-Use/Office

Loan Purpose: Refinance

  • Property: Class C office
  • Loan Purpose: The borrower is looking for a cash-out refinance of a maturing bank loan. The property is the borrower’s business.
  • Issue: The borrower needs working capital to complete an order for a new client. They are unable to show quality earnings because of higher reported expenses.
  • Problem with Banks/Other Lenders: The loan is maturing and the bank does not want to renew the loan due to financial requirements.
  • Silver Hill Funding Solution: Silver Hill could utilize the borrower’s bank statements and offer a term sheet of 70% LTV and a 5-year term with a 25-year amortization.

Have a Similar Deal?

Getting started with our innovative bank statement program is easy. All your borrowers need to provide are 12 months’ bank statements, a signed loan application, and a credit report. If we receive complete and accurate information, we can issue a LOI with conditions in 48 hours!

If you’d like to discuss a deal or learn more about our program, call us today at 844-641-1035 or email us at

The most effective loan originators today are more than just brokers — they’re solution providers. Use the Silver Hill Owner-Occupied Bank Statement Program to expand your offerings and give your clients more options as they seek mortgage financing. The next time someone like Jeff needs assistance, you can provide the solution that saves the day.

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