Why Our New Low Rates are Such a Big Deal for Your Commercial Business

Experienced commercial mortgage originators know that the best loan solution for a borrower isn’t the one with the lowest interest rate – it’s the one that meets the greatest number of needs.

Still, rate plays an important role in every commercial loan transaction.  Your ability to secure the most affordable solution for your clients is one of the main indicators of your strengths as an originator.

That’s why the new, lower rates from Silver Hill Funding, LLC are making waves in the small-balance commercial lending community this year.

Now you can confidently offer interest rates as low as 6.375% to non-bankable investors and business owners in your territory.

The best of both worlds

A prospective borrower’s first stop for mortgage financing will likely be their local bank. Unfortunately, many of these borrowers soon find that traditional banks will either deny their request or offer solutions that are not designed to meet their needs as investors or business owners.

While some of these borrowers are clearly a better fit for a hard money program, many are credit-worthy individuals with one blemish that keeps them from securing bank financing.

In the commercial real estate space, the issue doesn’t even have to be with the borrower.  Traditional lenders can deny loan requests simply because of the commercial property type in question (think automotive or restaurant) or because the borrower is attempting to refinance a property they purchased less than two years prior.

These borrowers may not qualify for bank financing, but they deserve access to the most affordable alternative options.  Now Silver Hill makes it easy for you to help them get the solution they need.

Program description

Our objective is to create a program that gives your clients the most flexibility possible at a single-digit rate.  Here is how it all breaks down:


Loan Amounts $250k to $2 million
Rates As low as 6.375%
Min FICO 700
Terms 5, 7-year hybrid / 10-year fixed
Max LTV 80%
Amortization Up to 30 years
Min. DSCR 1.15
Documentation Full doc or bank statement
Prepayment 5% for 5 years, 5% for 3 years, Declining (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)
Occupancy Investor and owner-occupied
Purpose Purchase, refinance, cash-out
Property Types All eligible properties


Competing lenders are not able to offer this type of program at rates as low as 6.375%.  In fact, your clients may not even know that this type of alternative solution exists.  As a result, you have a great opportunity to capture more business and close more loans.


For more details regarding this program, reach out to your Silver Hill Regional Manager today.

How can you use it to close more loans?

When you consider how many commercial financing requests are turned down by banks each year, you can quickly see how our lower rates can be a game changer for your business.

To get a quick sense of how Silver Hill can help you close more loans, look back through your records to see how many of your clients will soon be refinancing hard money loans.  If those clients are still not quite bankable, our program could be an alternative solution that reduces their monthly payments by a considerable amount.

You can also identify contacts who decided not to take out a loan after they experienced a few bank rejections.  Armed with Silver Hill’s solutions, you can be the hero for business owners and investors who are now able to achieve their financial goals.

When can you get started?


If you have clients who may be a strong fit for our new program, you can get started right now!  Fill out our contact form here and one of our commercial mortgage experts will then reach out to you and answer any questions you may have.