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Broker Testimonials

“Excellent team to work with on closing a challenging loan.”
David Henry
“I want to extend my gratitude to Silver Hill Funding for another successful closing on three commercial properties simultaneously. You handled the financing of my client’s blanket by providing him with three separate loans for each property through these transactions with ease, never dropping your eyes for one minute! I look forward to closing many deals with you in the near future!”
Reginald Hudson
“The staff at Silver Hill has always met my expectations. From deal review to underwriting to closing: very efficient, informative, and professional!”
Dana Korosi
“This is the 2nd loan that I have completed with this team. In my history as a commercial loan officer, I have never seen a better process. I am impressed, to say the least. This team is the next level in the future of commercial lending.”
Eric Greco
“Always a good and easy experience, thank you. I only have one regret — I wish I was able to send more deals to SHF. Always looking for some. Thank you.”
Raymond Knox, Gem Star Capital, LLC
“While we have many lending partners, there are very few that are outstanding like Silver Hill. They are quick, professional, and easy to work with.”
Kevin Meehan, Atlas Commercial Capital
“This was my first loan with Silver Hill and the process was very smooth and efficient. I want to especially compliment the Transaction Manager and Regional Manager for their great work throughout the process. The Transaction Manager was always very timely with her responses to our questions and kept the process moving along. Definitely looking forward to the next opportunity I can send your way.”
Steven L. Walker, Preferred Capital Funding
“I want to thank the entire team at Silver Hill for making this such an efficient, seamless transaction. It was a mutually beneficial and profitable transaction for all parties involved.”
Tony Dely, Cyeron Corporation
“I highly recommend Silver Hill Funding to any commercial mortgage professional who’s seeking funding for their next commercial project. They made the loan process very streamlined by clearing all conditions in a fast and timely manner. Their communication is second to none. From start to finish, I was kept in the loop on the status of my loan. My Regional Manager and Transaction Manager are amazing! I look forward to closing the next one, guys.”
Mark Nash, MDN Capital Consulting, LLC
“Everyone involved was very helpful and worked hard to get this loan closed. I look forward to funding many more with your company.”
Anthony Tomasi, Jr., A.J.T.M. Financial Group, Inc.
“[The process] was a pleasure and you have a very competent and professional staff. We look forward to working with Silver Hill in the future.”
Bill Horty, New Capital Solutions
“You guys were great. You worked to overcome issues and close instead of using the issues as an excuse not to close. It was a pleasure to work with you!”
Brian Peart, Commercial Capital LTD
“Dealing with so many personnel at various banks, mediocrity and people doing their jobs and no more are the norm. Silver Hill’s Transaction Manager is the exception — she goes into my processor Hall of Fame, and I look forward to working with her and the Regional Manager’s team for many deals to come.”
John D. Svirsky, Inc.
“Working with the Silver Hill transaction manager and regional manager was an awesome experience. We look forward to many more transactions in 2017.”
“I appreciate all of your hard work on the file and getting us to a successful closing. You were very professional, knowledgeable and did a great job keeping the deal on track despite various challenges!”
 Gary Polao, Red Star Commercial Real Estate Funding
“My experience has been above exceptional working with Silver Hill Funding. Everyone has been very helpful — from sizing, to processing, to closing and funding! It is SO refreshing to work with such professional people. Everyone was working together to get this loan closed and I APPRECIATE everyone’s efforts. I will be in touch very soon!”
 Reginald Hudson, Commercial Investment Capital Group, Inc.
“I would like to thank the whole team at Silver Hill for the timely and professional work that was done to help get the loan closed. Thanks again and you will be hearing from us soon.”
 Lewis Edwards, Lehigh Financial Group, LLC
“Silver Hill is a great company to work with for certain commercial loan transactions. We closed a difficult loan together in a timely fashion. The Silver Hill team kept me informed regarding the process and we had a successful closing together. I am definitely keeping Silver Hill in mind for the next loan I have that fits their guidelines. Thank you Silver Hill!”
 SDG Lending, Inc.
“I’m extremely pleased and impressed by how you meticulously handled this case. I sincerely appreciate your tireless effort and diligence, along with transparent communication. Thank you again and we’ll certainly send over more deals!”
 Matthew Kang, Incapital Group, LLC
“Your entire staff did an exceptional job. Special thanks to my Regional Manager for his guidance, industry knowledge and deal structuring. Also want to thank the rest of the operation for their ongoing support, timely follow up, and professionalism…this team effort is an excellent representation of the Silver Hill brand! I’m looking forward to our next transaction.”
Tony Dely
“Silver Hill Funding exceeded my expectation and closed a really difficult file. We closed in record time and this exceeded my expectation and I will be sending additional files and hope to have a great broker partnership Silver Hill Funding! My transaction manager and account representative were really on top of my file and responded expeditiously and the back office and title company were great. I look forward to doing business again!”
Pamela Johnson
“My Regional Manager, Transaction Manager, and the entire team were a pleasure to work with! Can’t wait to get the next deal closed with the team!”
George Panageotou
“My Regional Manager and his team at Silver Hill ROCK! As a Commercial Mortgage Broker, I look for great partnerships from my funding sources and over the course of the year, not only have I developed a Professional relationship with my Regional Manager but a Personal one as well. As they say, people do business with other people that they like!”
Serge Martinez
“Silver Hill Funding, LLC was one of the best choices my father and I made in applying for a bank loan. The staff members were very professional and patient with us throughout the entire process. They were unbelievably helpful and supportive to our needs. With their due diligence, they made the closing easy, smooth, and successful without any hiccups. We look forward to continuing our professional relationship with them. I highly recommend Silver Hill Funding, LLC to anyone who is searching for a bank loan.”
“It has been a pleasant experience working with Silver Hill Funding as our commercial lender. The account representative and transaction manager were amazing to work with. I am impressed with their responsiveness and attention to detail throughout the entire loan process, from initial inquiry to the closing of our loan.”
“I was very pleased with Silver Hill and the process. I thought the entire team over there was excellent. I was very impressed with the speed, communication, and professionalism from beginning to end. And more importantly, so was the client and our referral source. You guys are great. Looking forward to the next one.”
Dean Stehlik, Cressida Capital
“Thank you. Went great, just like the last deal. The transaction manager was excellent. Will be sending in more files soon.”
Raymond Knox, Gem Star Capital, LLC
“First of all – most importantly – my client is so pleased! I think this was the smoothest loan process ever! I have closed thousands of residential loans – this was easier than all of them. My reluctance to add commercial loans to my offerings is gone! I can’t wait to do another commercial deal.”
Luigi Mungioli
“I really appreciate your professionalism and transparency and I will definitely give everyone that I have worked with there two thumbs up. Thanks for being so kind and patient with me. I have more deals coming your way. This is just the beginning of our relationship.”
Angel Braithwaite, Capstone Commercial Lending Group & Investment, Inc.
“You guys are the best — I mean it. I wish my other banks made the process as easy as you folks do. Please provide me the emails of anyone I can tell the same thing to. Thanks again.”
“Closings go smoothly with Silver Hill. The transaction manager was extremely helpful and patient and made every step crystal clear. Your guidance was impeccable and it was really a very smooth process.”
“I really enjoyed working with Silver Hill Funding. The process was smooth and your staff was great and super responsive. The time frame was excellent from start to finish and I will be sending more deals your way. Thank you for taking care of my client.”
 Raymond Knox, Gem Star Capital, LLC
“Closing a loan with Silver Hill feels like coming home. The process was extremely easy from submission to closing, and Silver Hill’s attention to detail and clear communication during each stage reminded me why I’ve always enjoyed doing business with their team.”
 Jeff Barber, Lehigh Financial Group, LLC
“Silver Hill Funding’s customer service includes a personal touch that makes all the difference during a small-balance commercial transaction.  They are able to provide solutions that traditional lenders simply cannot match, and I look forward to working with their team again soon.”
 Tom Chessher, Chessher Financial Group, LLC
“My experience with the Silver Hill closing team was excellent. Their transaction manager handled the process to perfection, and the result was one of the smoothest transactions I’ve ever handled.”
 Paul Louie, Incapital Group, LLC

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