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How to Submit Deals that Close

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It’s simple: behind every closed commercial mortgage loan is a strong submission. But how can you know exactly what a lender needs to see?

The Silver Hill Sweet Spot

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It’s time to take the guesswork out of your commercial loan submission process. In this all-new webinar, you’ll get a no-nonsense rundown of the small-balance commercial deals you can quickly close with Silver Hill Funding, LLC.

Sourcing Secrets

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Single family rentals, duplexes, and other 1-4-unit properties continue to present attractive investment opportunities for prospective borrowers.

The problem is that many are unable to secure bank or agency financing on their own – and that’s where you have an opportunity to grow your origination business. You just have to know where to look!

Watch this webinar to discover how to find and close non-bankable 1-4-unit investment deals.

When the Funding Gets Tough…

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If you’re looking to generate additional income with small-balance commercial mortgages in 2018, you’ll need to take advantage of more of the non-bankable opportunities in your territory.

Crossing the Bridge

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Are small-balance commercial loans on your radar this year? If your focus doesn’t also include larger-balance commercial bridge loans, you could be missing out on some of the biggest opportunities 2018 has to offer.

The Multifamily Avenue to Closing More Deals in 2018

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Diversifying your business with small multifamily transactions is a smart way to quickly establish new revenue streams and stay ahead of competition. The best part? Broadening your focus to include properties like duplexes and condos is easier than you think.

Commercial Mortgage Take-Out Talk

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Discover the opportunity you have to generate additional revenue by providing take-out solutions that help today’s borrowers accomplish more of their financial goals.

Uncover More Owner-Occupied Opportunities

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Mortgage experts Ski Swiatkowski and Mike Boggiano will show you how you can use non-bank solutions to close more owner-occupied deals and generate more income for your business.

Your Roadmap to Small-Balance Commercial Success

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It’s happening — the rise in interest rates has drastically cut the flow of refinancing. The drop in real estate inventory and rise in home prices is becoming a drag on the purchase market. With the cloud of uncertainty enveloping the future of the marketplace, now is the time for companies and their loan officers to take control of the future. Watch Silver Hill Funding, LLC’s new webinar to learn how you can quickly diversify your business with small-balance commercial mortgages and close more loans this year.

Become a Commercial Mortgage Marketing Maven

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Both residential and commercial mortgage brokers can learn marketing strategies and tactics to help find the right leads and close more small-balance commercial deals.

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