No Doc Loans now available
Underwriting $2,000
Legal Document Preparation Fee1
Legal Document Preparation Fee
Standard Fees$1,500
Additional legal fees in the amount of $2,500 - $5,000, may apply for loan submissions that includes multi-states, multi-counties and property release requests.$2,500 - $5,000
Tax Service$100
Flood Certification3$50
Due Diligence/OFAC3$150
Credit Report3$45
Environmental Due Diligence4$145
Environmental Review Fee4$500
Environmental Insurance4$750-$2,000
Phase I (Environmental Site Assessment Report)$2,000
Appraisal Review Fee $500
Appraisal Flat Fee (Commercial Properties)
- Multifamily Properties
- Other Commercial Properties

Appraisal Flat Fee (1-4 Unit Residential Investment Properties)
- Single Family Residence
- 2-4 Properties

Appraisal (Portfolio Loan Properties)$650 - $1,200 per property
Attorney Document Review Fee6
Additional fees may apply for each additional guarantor

Principal & Interest, Escrows and Automatic Withdrawal

  • Principal and interest is calculated on an actual/360-day basis; prorated interest from time of closing through end of month is due at time of closing.
  • Monthly escrow for taxes and insurance is required with a 2-month cushion; if the renewal of insurance is due around the time of closing, one year of insurance premium will be collected at closing.
  • Automatic Withdrawal (ACH) is required for all loan payments.


Helpful Facts

  • The information provided above contains estimated costs only and may change without prior notice. All third party fees will be your responsibility.
  • These are standard fees. Fees may be increased or decreased based on promotional programs. Please contact your Relationship Manager for more details.
  • A prior or new survey is required for loans over $800,000 and may be required for loans under $800,000 based on a review of the title. Survey costs vary based on location and size of the property.


1Lender reserves the right to charge additional fees for CEMA requests. Lender will engage outside council to prepare CEMA documents and handle the settlement.

2The borrower is only responsible for the $2,000 Underwriting fee, the Appraisal cost and Title fees on 1-4 unit residential investment properties.

3Lender reserves the right to charge additional fees if there are multiple parcels, multiple entities or multiple guarantors.

4The majority of the loans are charged only the environmental due diligence fee but certain property types require environmental insurance to be paid at closing. Environmental due diligence is not required for 1-4 unit residential investment properties.

5Once the title examination is received, Silver Hill Funding, LLC will provide a preliminary settlement statement to the borrower containing title company specific fees, including title search, title insurance premiums, settlement fees, recording fees, and possible survey fees.

6Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Texas require that all documents are reviewed by state licensed attorneys. Such fees will be included on a preliminary settlement statement prior to closing. Any additional legal fees deemed necessary outside of normal costs will be discussed with the borrower/broker prior to closing.