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5 Top Questions (and Answers!) on Light Doc Commercial Loans

The majority of today’s traditional commercial mortgage lenders will require applicants to provide their tax returns as a basis for their loan’s approval. This is a major pain point for investors and small business owners. It’s also an opportunity to provide real value as a commercial loan solution provider.

5 Communication Techniques for Mortgage Brokers

It’s simple: commercial mortgage originators looking to succeed in today’s market must communicate well.

Networking with professionals in the field and marketing your services to potential clients are fundamental elements of mortgage marketing. In short, better communication means better business.

Closed Loan in Colorado

A business owner in Colorado wanted to tap into the equity in their mixed-use property. The problem was that they did not wish to produce the tax return documentation most traditional lenders require. Thanks to Silver Hill’s Bank Statement Program, the borrower was able to get qualified for financing through 12 consecutive months of business bank statements in lieu of tax returns.

Closed Loan in Philadelphia

An investor in Pennsylvania wanted to take cash out of their townhouse property but their bank wasn’t moving fast enough with their financing request.

Closed Loan in Illinois

A business owner in Illinois wanted to execute a cash-out refinance but needed to work with a lender that would lend on an automotive property. Fortunately, the borrower’s broker took the deal to Silver Hill Funding and secured a 5-year hybrid loan with no tax return requirement for qualification.

Closed Loan in Pennsylvania

An investor in Pennsylvania wanted to add a multifamily investment to their real estate portfolio.  Silver Hill gave the investor the ability to secure a 30-year fixed rate on their commercial mortgage, something few commercial lenders officer in this space.

Closed Loan in Florida

An investor in Florida paid off the high interest loan they had on their retail property and wanted to refinance with a lower-rate solution. After taking the deal to Silver Hill Funding, their broker was able to lock in a lower rate on a 5-year loan with a 30-year amortization.

Closed Loan in New York

An investor in New York wanted to take cash out of their mixed-use property but they preferred not to produce tax returns when applying for their refinance.

Silver Spotlight: Texas Commercial Mortgage Opportunities

For our first-ever Silver Spotlight on Texas, we take an in-depth look at commercial mortgage lending in Texas, sharing feedback we’ve received from local originators and identifying opportunities based on success stories we’ve seen first-hand.

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