No doc commercial loans now available

Unlimited cash-outs

Borrowers can execute 100% cash-outs with Silver Hill!

More flexibility than banks or SBA programs
Help your clients secure financing without providing tax returns

Greater certainty
Cash-outs are the most popular solution we provide – brokers and borrowers trust us to meet their needs.

1-4-Unit Investor
Loan Sizes$100K - $2MM$100k - $2MM
Terms5-Year ARM
30-Year Fixed
5-Year ARM
30-Year Fixed
Max LTV<$500K: 75%
>$500K: 70%
<$500K: 75%
>$500K: 70%
Min FICO650650
Min DSCROwner-Occupied: 1.2*
Investor: 1.15**
Stabilization75% occupancy required over a 90-day trailing UW period**SFR/Duplexes - 100%
Triplexes - 66.67%
4-Plexes - 75%
UW MethodOwner-Occupied: Global DSCR
Investor: Property DSCR
Property DSCR
Documentation2 years personal and business tax returnsNo tax returns required. Leases if using actual rents
Eligible PropertiesTier I: Multifamily, Mixed-Use (primary res)
Tier II: Retail, Mixed-Use (primary comm),
Warehouse/Self-Storage, Office, Light
Industrial, Automotive, Mobile Home Park
1-4-Unit Attached/Detached, PUD,
Single Family, Townhome
Pre-Payment Penalty5% for 5 years | 5% for 3 years |
Declining 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%
5% for 5 years | Declining 3%, 2%, 1% |
Declining 5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%
Why do Brokers Choose Silver Hill Funding?

Top 5 Reasons

  • Certainty of funding
  • Responsive team throughout transaction
  • Broker-friendly compensation model
  • Fast closings
  • Uncommon level of experience

Case Study

Closed Loan in Montclair, New Jersey

Automotive | $300,000

The owner of an automotive property wanted to execute a cash-out refinance but tax return issues were preventing him from qualifying for bank financing.

Traditional lenders were also hesitant to approve the borrower’s request because of the risks typically associated with automotive properties.


Silver Hill Funding was able to fund the loan through the Bank Statement Program, which allowed the borrower to submit 12 consecutive months of business bank statements in lieu of tax returns.

One of the most impressive aspects of this deal was that it closed in only 27 days – far below what one would expect for a commercial loan of this type.

Success Stories
Mixed-Use | $400,000

An investor in California wanted to take cash out of their mixed-use property and they needed a quick closing. Thanks to Silver Hill, the borrower was able to lock in a great rate – despite the fact that they never produced tax returns during the transaction.

Case Studies

Multifamily | $456,000

A group of investors wanted to purchase a recently stabilized multifamily property after a full remodel. Silver Hill was able to approve the loan despite the stabilization issues and allowed the investors to purchase the property with just a 20% down payment.

Case Studies

Light Industrial | $1,190,000

A business owner wanted to execute a cash-out refinance but they were denied SBA financing. Thanks to Silver Hill’s Bank Statement Program, the borrower was able to get approved without having to submit tax returns.

Case Studies

Retail | $700,000

Silver Hill was able to provide the perfect alternative solution for this business owner after their bank decided not to approve their refinance request.

Case Studies

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