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The Secret to Sourcing Small-Balance Commercial Mortgage Leads

Residential mortgage originators ask us all the time: “How can I source small-balance commercial mortgage leads?”

The good news is that sourcing commercial mortgage leads doesn’t have to be a mystery. If you’re looking to grow your business by closing investor and owner-occupied commercial deals, try incorporating the following tactics into your lead generation strategy.



  1. The first step is to organize your referral network. Existing residential referral partners are the best place to start. I’m talking about the realtors, CPAs, and attorneys you already know. But your commercial lending capability is a good reason to meet with new referral sources as well.
  2. Your second step should be look within your own database for potential commercial leads. You can examine closed loan files to identify the clients who own commercial properties. Another tactic is to search for those self-employed professionals or entrepreneurs who may have a need for commercial financing.
  3. Finally, be sure to optimize your social presence to make it easier than ever for potential referral partners to find you. Be on the lookout for new mortgage groups to join on LinkedIn and don’t forget to add commercial language to your profiles so referral partners can more easily search for you.

Hopefully, these tactics can help you build a database full of prospective clients and business partners.  For additional marketing tools, including email/phone scripts and unbranded collateral, be sure to create your free Silver Hill Funding, LLC online account.