When does Lite Doc make sense for your borrowers?

  • Borrower reports lower income for tax reasons.
  • Borrower struggles to show consistent growth through tax returns.
  • Borrower requires more flexibility than a bank can provide.

Lite Doc
Investor Overview.

  • Loan size: up to $2,000,000
  • Purpose: Purchase, Refinance, Cash Outs
  • Loan term: 5-Year ARM/30-Year Fixed
  • LTV: up to 80%
  • Min FICO: 650
  • Amortization up to 30 years

Partners in the hustle.

“In today’s mortgage landscape, we’re here to provide insight on not only our products, but also how brokers can successfully navigate the commercial lending space.”

– Juan Barcelo, VP of Sales

Where there’s a will, we’ll find a deal.


We make it easier for your clients to qualify by measuring the property’s cash flow instead of their credit history.

Earn more
on your terms

You can earn up to 5 points (3 in origination, 2 in YSP) for your pocket when you partner with our team.

higher LTVs

With LTVs up to 80%, your borrower can secure an investment property with a lower down payment.

Be our next success story.

Through Silver Hill’s Lite Doc Investor Program, this borrower was able to purchase a retail space without providing tax returns.

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