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Two Steps to Mastering Bank Turndowns – pt. 2

In part 1 of this series, we listed some of the main reasons investors and business owners are denied commercial mortgage financing from banks. Once you’ve identified why a loan request was rejected, the next step is to hunt for the best non-bank solution.

Two Steps to Mastering Bank Turndowns – pt. 1

Banks typically offer the lowest rates and most attractive terms to those who meet their requirements. The problem is that many credit-worthy borrowers are unable to do so.

There are many business owners and investors in your territory who have experienced a bank denial and now feel unable to securing financing on their own. This is where you can prove your value as a solution provider.

Closed Loan in Washington

An investor needed to take cash out of the existing mortgage on their multifamily property but they were not able to provide full financials. Their broker took the deal to Silver Hill Funding, who provided a solution through the Lite Doc Investor Program, with no tax returns or 4506T required.

Closed Loan in Massachusetts

An investor in Boston was looking to refinance a retail property but their local bank could not provide the cash-out they needed. Silver Hill Funding was able to meet the investor’s needs with the Lite Doc Investor Program.

Closed Loan in Massachusetts

Silver Hill Funding helped an investor purchase a mixed-use property in Boston. The $862,500 loan was funded through Silver Hill’s Lite Doc Investor Program, with no tax returns or 4506T required.

Closed Loan in Virginia

A restaurant owner in Virginia needed to refinance their mortgage but could not qualify for an SBA loan. Their broker was able to secure an alternative solution with Silver Hill Funding and earn a fee of $31,000.

Closed Loan in Florida

An investor was looking to refinance the mortgage on their warehouse property and pay off a matured, seller-financed note. Silver Hill funded the transaction through the Lite Doc Investor Program, with no tax returns or 4506T required. The loan closed in under 30 days.

Commercial Mortgage FAQs

If you regularly take on speaking engagements or host webinar presentations, you’ll know the feeling.  You’re about to launch into your best story about that client with the multifamily property that was actually just 3 storage units stacked on top of one other when you realize you only have 5 minutes left before the engagement is scheduled to end.  As you race through to the end of your presentation, you think to yourself, “Well, there goes the Q&A…”

A Note from Ski Swiatkowski in Rob Chrisman’s Daily Mortgage News & Commentary

Read the latest mortgage commentary from noted expert Rob Chrisman and find a note from our very own Ski Swiatkowski. Ski introduces a simple way for mortgage originators to create revenue from commercial opportunities without distracting residential efforts.

Closed Loan in New Jersey

A business owner was looking for a cash-out refinance of their light industrial property and needed a fast closing due to a maturing note. Silver Hill Funding was able to help the borrower take out their existing mortgage and secure a lower interest rate. The owner-occupied deal closed in 28 days.

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