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Closed Loan in Illinois

An investor was looking to purchase a multifamily property in Illinois but could not get a high enough LTV from competing lenders. Silver Hill Funding was able to offer 80% LTV on the transaction and finance the property.

Closed Loan in Virginia

A prospective borrower in Virginia was looking to take a significant amount of cash out of their office property to invest in their core business. Thanks to Silver Hill Funding’s Bank Statement Program, they were able to provide 12 months of bank statements in lieu of tax returns and secure financing.

Closed Loan in California

A borrower in California was seeking working capital for business expansion purposes but was not able to work with banks. Their broker took the deal to Silver Hill Funding, who provided the cash-out the borrower required.

Closed Loan in North Carolina

A borrower in North Carolina needed to pay off a high-interest maturing note on a single family investment property. Thanks to Silver Hill Funding’s new 1-4 Plex Program, they were able to refinance without providing tax returns.

Closed Loan in Texas

A borrower in Texas needed to take out a high-interest loan on an automotive property but a bank turned them down. Silver Hill Funding was able to provide more flexibility and finance the property.

How to Help Your Client Create a Bridge Loan Exit Strategy

Educating prospective borrowers is an integral facet of any commercial mortgage broker’s job. Business owners and investors rely on brokers to provide expertise and identify the challenges and opportunities they may encounter while securing a loan.

But brokers who take on commercial bridge transactions bear additional responsibility when it comes to client education. This is because bridge loans involve several wrinkles that are not typically found in a typical commercial mortgage transaction.

3 Keys to Getting More out of Mortgage Conferences

Quick question – how many mortgage conferences are you scheduled to attend this year? Chances are you’ve already registered for a number of tradeshows, conferences, and other types of events in 2018. If you take the following steps before you attend a mortgage event, you will feel better about being away from your desk and create more opportunities for successful networking.

Crossing the Bridge

Are small-balance commercial loans on your radar this year? If your focus doesn’t also include larger-balance commercial bridge loans, you could be missing out on some of the biggest opportunities 2018 has to offer.

The Multifamily Avenue to Closing More Deals in 2018

Diversifying your business with small multifamily transactions is a smart way to quickly establish new revenue streams and stay ahead of competition. The best part? Broadening your focus to include properties like duplexes and condos is easier than you think.

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