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Closed Loan in New York

The owner-occupied borrower wanted to take cash out of their existing commercial mortgage to complete the build-out of their commercial space and provide for working capital. Silver Hill Funding, LLC provided a 5-year hybrid loan and the cash-out the borrower required.

Closed Loan in New Jersey

A dentist who rented her office condo for many years decided that she wanted to purchase the property. Silver Hill Funding, LLC helped her save money with a mortgage payment that was actually lower than her monthly rent. The owner-occupied deal was funded through Silver Hill’s Complete Program.

Closed Loan in Colorado

A group of small business owners wanted to cash out equity in their automotive property to consolidate debt and pay off personal loans. Traditional lenders weren’t comfortable with the property type or ownership structure, but Silver Hill Funding, LLC overcame this challenge and provided a fully-amortizing loan for the borrowers.

3 Simple Steps to Increasing Engagement on Twitter

Twitter is designed for conversation – between friends, colleagues, and even organizations. So why then are so many of them struggling to engage with others and grow their presence on the platform? The problem is that many users in the mortgage industry see Twitter as a place to post their promotions, press releases, and general product updates.

3 New Facebook Marketing Tactics for Mortgage Originators

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Are you actively using Facebook to market your commercial mortgage origination business? Or do you focus your social media marketing efforts on LinkedIn and simply share blog posts and post relevant news articles to your basic Facebook business page?

Closed Loan in California

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An investor was having difficulty refinancing their retail property because of the significant cash-out they required and the property’s previous environmental history. Silver Hill was able to overcome these issues and fund the loan with the requested cash-out.

Closed Loan in Florida

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The borrower was looking for a small cash-out and refinance of an existing higher rate short-term mortgage. They were able to get the loan and cash-out they needed without having to provide tax returns or a 4506T, thanks to Silver Hill Funding’s Lite Doc Investor Program.

Closed Loan in Georgia

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The borrower was looking to refinance a higher rate short-term mortgage on a multifamily property. Silver Hill Funding helped them secure funding and the cash-out they needed. Since the loan was funded through the Lite Doc Investor Program, the borrower did not have to provide tax returns or a 4506T.

Closed Loan in Georgia

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The borrower was looking to refinance a seller-financed acquisition of a multifamily property that was recently purchased and rehabbed. The team at Silver Hill Funding was able to help the borrower because their guidelines have no seasoning requirements.

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