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3 Ways to Overcome Objections with Commercial Appraisal Fees

In order to keep your client happy and the transaction on track, it’s crucial for you to manage expectations and overcome objections that may arise regarding the commercial mortgage appraisal fee. Use these 3 lines of reasoning to educate your client and sidestep any potential hurdles down the road.

Multifamily Loan in Georgia

Time was of the essence for a group of investors looking to purchase a group of multifamily properties in Georgia. Silver Hill provided the quick solution these investors needed through its Lite Doc Program, which allows borrowers to secure funding without providing tax returns or a 4506T.

Retail Loan in Florida

The nature of the borrower’s business made it difficult for him to provide full documentation to support his cash-out refinance request. Thanks to Silver Hill Funding’s Bank Statement Program, the borrower was able to prove his income by producing 12 consecutive months of bank statements. Silver Hill was able to fund the loan, provide the cash-out the required, and help the borrower buy out a former business partner.

Mixed-Use Loan in New Jersey

A borrower with 28 years of investment experience needed to refinance and take cash out of their private commercial mortgage. Silver Hill was able to provide a cash-out refinance solution that met the borrower’s unique needs. Since the loan was funded through Silver Hill’s Lite Doc Program, the borrower never had to produce tax returns during the transaction.

Find Value and Success in Small-Balance Commercial Lending

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The great Albert Einstein once said, “Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” While Einstein in his brilliance may be right that value can be greater than success, many have found success by having more value to offer than competitors.
With the current level of uncertainty regarding interest rates and the housing market in general, it’s best that mortgage originators begin to look for other strategies to ensure success for the rest of the year.

Cracking the Commercial Code

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It’s happening — interest rates are rising and home mortgage applications are on the decline in 2017. Originators who fail to develop new business strategies are putting this year’s bottom line at serious risk.

Retail Loan in California

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The borrower sought a cash-out refinance of their retail property and was motivated to close in under 30 days. They were also in need of a limited documentation solution. Silver Hill worked quickly to provide a 5-year hybrid loan with the cash-out the borrower required. The loan was funded through Silver Hill’s Owner-Occupied Bank Statement Program.

Multifamily Loan in Mississippi

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The borrower wished to refinance their multifamily property in Mississippi but did not have the necessary net worth and liquidity to attract more conventional lenders. The broker then took the deal to Silver Hill, who provided a 5-year hybrid loan funded through our Complete Program.

Answering 3 Burning Commercial Mortgage Questions from Residential Brokers

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Silver Hill Funding runs monthly webinars on small-balance commercial mortgage topics, and over time we’ve received tons of questions from residential originators looking to break into commercial lending. Some of these questions involve specific loan scenarios or program details, but we’ve noticed that 7 questions seem to pop up over and over again.

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