Finding the Smart Solution for Small-Balance Commercial Mortgages


Thousands of business owners and investors across the country have a pressing need for a small-balance commercial mortgage. If your client requires a mortgage to either purchase or refinance their commercial property, it’s your job to find a lender that can provide the best solution in the shortest timeframe.

Silver Hill Funding is a small-balance commercial mortgage lender offering financing from $250,000 to $2,000,000 on commercial real estate including multifamily, mixed-use, office, retail, light industrial, self-storage, automotive, mobile home parks and warehouse property types.

Our programs make sense for a wide range of commercial borrowers – including those who can’t or won’t work with traditional banks.

So why should you choose Silver Hill Funding for your client’s small-balance commercial mortgage needs? You will find that the following three factors set us apart from all other lenders:

1. Experience

Small-balance commercial mortgages generally take less time to close than their large-scale counterparts, but they face many of the same obstacles.  Further complicating matters is the fact that many small-balance commercial borrowers have a pressing need for financing. Inexperienced or complacent lenders can cause serious delays during a transaction or prevent it from closing altogether.

Silver Hill is full of small-balance commercial experts. Our team has closed and funded more than 35,000 transactions and provided 10 billion dollars in financing – all for small-balance commercial mortgages. Our experts have seen it all, making us uniquely qualified to understand your client’s specific issues and meet their needs.

2. Dependability

Most banks and other traditional lenders have loan committees that either approve or deny commercial mortgage. This process can take place after the borrower has been pre-approved, meaning deals can fall through late in the transaction process.

Your clients trust you to provide a speedy solution for their commercial mortgage. It hurts their business (and your reputation) when restrictive loan committees or convoluted transaction processes delay a deal from closing, or worse: cause it to be re-traded.

That’s why Silver Hill’s programs and transaction process are geared toward inspiring your clients’ confidence in you. Unlike other small-balance commercial lenders, we begin to qualify your client’s deal before we issue the LOI. Our 48-72 hour approval process may take longer than that of some other lenders, but it allows us to accurately manage expectations and prevent loans from being re-traded. And our delegated approval process helps you avoid the loan committees that can deny your client’s loan at the last minute.

If Silver Hill approves your loan, you can feel confident knowing it will close.


Many small business owners and investors struggle to secure funding on their own, especially when they try to work with traditional lenders. Our goal at Silver Hill is to make it easier for both you and your client to be successful.

Making Life Easier for Borrowers

Consider those self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs who struggle to provide financial documentation that accurately reflects their income. Traditional lenders typically require this information, making it difficult for borrowers to secure funding.

We know tax returns don’t always tell the whole story, so we created the Silver Hill Lite Doc Program. With no tax returns or 4506T required on all eligible property types, the program makes life easier for borrowers who may not be able to disclose certain information or whose properties are more valuable than a tax return might show. Click here to learn more.

Making Your Life Easier

Effectively marketing your ability to close small-balance commercial transactions is a crucial step to growing your commercial mortgage business. Our Silver Hill Marketing Toolkit is full of tools designed to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

With email/phone scripts, customizable flyers, and a bevy of proven marketing tips, our toolkit can help you get your commercial business off the ground – or inspire you to experiment with a new tactic. Download your free marketing toolkit here.

Brokers tell us they value clear communication and a sense of urgency so that’s our aim during every transaction we close. And once we fund a deal, we let your client get back to their business without any post-closing oversight.

The result? Smooth transactions and satisfied customers who continue to bring us new business.

If you think Silver Hill Funding could be a good fit for your client’s small-balance commercial mortgage, call us today at 844-641-1035 or email us at

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