How It Works


Here’s what you can expect at each stage of the process.

Upon receipt of the executed LOI and verification of the $500 (non-refundable, credited at closing) Appraisal Fee deposit, we will order 3rd party reports:

  • Appraisal
  • Background Check


Borrower’s title preference and insurance contact information will be required at this stage. Both you and your client can benefit by returning all documentation required before the appraisal is delivered.


within 48 hours of submission

Our Processor reviews the required conditions for the loan and sends you an initial conditions checklist. From this point on, we will send an updated conditions checklist on a weekly basis. Once Appraisal and Background Check have been ordered, we will request the following 3rd party reports:
  • Environmental Screen
  • Title
  • Flood Certification
  • Insurance


The more information we have early in the process, the more certainty you can enjoy during the underwriting process. During this phase, it is important to have provided:

  • Title Contact Information
  • Any/All Entity Related Documents
  • Insurance Contact Information
  • Insurance Certificate*

*Refinance only


2-3 weeks

After receiving the completed appraisal, our underwriters perform a full review of your client’s file. Then we issue a pre-approval letter.


Our pre-approval letter is like a transaction check-in that lists the documents we still need to finalize the underwriting process. To ensure that our letter is accurate and up-to-date, work with your client to submit all required documentation before we receive the appraisal.


1 week

Once we receive all conditions and the following reports, our team makes the final approval decision.
  • Appraisal
  • Insurance
  • Title
  • Entity documentation
  • Certificate of occupancy*
  • Payoffs*

*If applicable



24-48 hours

Congratulations, your client’s loan request is approved! Silver Hill funds the loan after the borrower signs the loan documents and the closer reviews all documentation. Funds are typically disbursed within 24 hours of closing.


We do not disclose YSP on the settlement statement. We pay YSP 7-10 days after the loan closes.


48-72 Hours

COVID-19 Increased Due Diligence

Additional layers of due diligence help us lend with confidence during this pandemic.

    • COVID-19 Borrower Disclosure
    • Full Documentation Loans Only
    • Increased Focus on Tenant Stability and Strength 
    • Analysis of Real-Time Location and Industry Indicators 
Brokers Say

Excellent team to work with on a challenging loan.

David H.

Your entire staff did an exceptional job. Special thanks to my Regional Manager for his guidance, industry knowledge, and deal structuring. Also want to thank the rest of the operation for their ongoing support, timely follow-up, and professionalism…this team effort is an excellent representation of the Silver Hill brand. I’m looking forward to our next transaction.

Tony D.

This is the 2nd loan that I have completed with this team. In my history as a commercial loan officer, I have never seen a better process. I am impressed, to say the least. This team is the next level in the future of commercial lending.

Eric G.

My Regional Manager, Transaction Manager, and the entire team were a pleasure to work with! Can’t wait to get the next deal closed with the team!

George P.

Everyone involved was very helpful and worked hard to get this loan closed. I look forward to funding many more with your company

Anthony T.
Success Stories
Mixed-Use | $400,000

An investor in California wanted to take cash out of their mixed-use property and they needed a quick closing. Thanks to Silver Hill, the borrower was able to lock in a great rate – despite the fact that they never produced tax returns during the transaction.

Case Studies

Multifamily | $456,000

A group of investors wanted to purchase a recently stabilized multifamily property after a full remodel. Silver Hill was able to approve the loan despite the stabilization issues and allowed the investors to purchase the property with just a 20% down payment.

Case Studies

Light Industrial | $1,190,000

A business owner wanted to execute a cash-out refinance but they were denied SBA financing. Thanks to Silver Hill’s Bank Statement Program, the borrower was able to get approved without having to submit tax returns.

Case Studies

Retail | $700,000

Silver Hill was able to provide the perfect alternative solution for this business owner after their bank decided not to approve their refinance request.

Case Studies


What kind of deals are good fit for Silver Hill's programs?

We specialize in providing alternative commercial mortgage solutions between $100,000 and $2 million for credit-worthy real estate investors and business owners who can’t or won’t work with banks.

What makes you different from traditional bank lenders?

Silver Hill Funding boasts more flexible loan programs, faster closing schedules, and fewer documentation requirements than traditional bank options.  With banks turning down 80% of the applicants they talk to, there is a big opportunity with these prospects.

Do you lend in all 50 states?

Silver Hill lends in all U.S. states except Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

How long does it take for a commercial mortgage deal to close?

Every scenario is different, but Silver Hill’s mortgage experts are often able to complete a transaction in 35-45 days.

Which types of borrowers are eligible for Silver Hill loans?

Silver Hill lends to U.S. citizens, permanent resident aliens, and legal entities. Foreign nationals are not eligible.